Covering Preston, Lancaster & Surrounding Areas
Covering Preston, Lancaster & Surrounding Areas
Covering Preston, Lancaster & Surrounding Areas

Patio & Driveway Block Paving

At Firmstone Driveways & Patios we specialise in the design & installation of block paved driveways, pathways & patios.

Block paving offers countless different styles & designs, perfect for designing a driveway or patio that will make your property stand out. 

Block paving provides fantastic usability, a hardstanding surface, and the ability to create a multitude of designs and colour combinations. 

We work throughout Preston and the surrounding areas, such as Cockerham, Grimsargh, Ribbleton, Pleasington, Rawcliffe, Pilling, and Abbey-Village , as well as Lancaster, Morecambe, Heysham, Carnforth, & Surrounding locations. 

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One of the benefits of block paving is that the choice of styles and designs are endless. Whether you have specific colours, styles or block shapes in mind, there is something for everyone.

At Firmstone Driveways & Patios we only use the best materials, that’s why for our block paving we only used Tobermore paving. 

Tobermore are one of the UK’s leading material manufacturers for block paving & permeable paving and we’re proud to be Tobermore Accredited Paving Contractors.

Tobermore also offers a 25-year guarantee on the block colour, ensuring that the colour of your driveway is long-lasting.

Block Paving Patterns:

As well as there being many different styles and colours of block paving, the way in which we lay the blocks has a massive effect on the final look of the driveway or pathway.

Your choice of pattern may change based on block size or colour, the size of the driveway or patio or whether you’re combining block paving with any other driveway material.


Herringbone is one of the more popular styles people choose for their driveways or pathways.

A herringbone style comes to fit in either 45 or 90-degree angles, meaning the pavers are set either 45 degrees or 90 degrees from the baseline. This adds an aesthetical, stylish finish to the driveway or pathway as well as being extremely durable. 


Aptly named, the basketweave is similar to a criss-cross pattern that is woven into wooden baskets.


The installation of a basketweave is fairly easy to install, it requires alternate pairs of blocks which are laid vertically & then horizontally. It’s a stylish finish which has proven to be very popular.


Stretcher bond replicates the layout of a traditional brick-style wall, with the blocks laid side-to-side, with the longest edge of the block laid horizontally.

This is a popular choice with our customers when choosing the layout of their block paving. It offers an aesthetical finish as well as keeping its durability.


Block paving is becoming increasingly more popular with our clients. One of the reasons for this is that the pros way outweigh the cons. Block paving comes with so many benefits:

Little or low maintenance; There is very little maintenance needed with block paving. Dirt, mud, and grime can be washed away with a jet washer or a sponge and water. 

Highly versatile, durable, and hard-wearing; The strength of the paving can withstand the weight of vehicles, and heavy footfall.

Enhances the aesthetical appeal of your home, increasing curb value; Block paving offers such an attractive finish to your driveway. They are adaptable to a variety of styles and can be easily applied to whatever style the client requires.

Friendly for the environment; Compared to other surface materials, block paving is environmentally friendly, this is due to its porous nature.

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