Covering Preston, Lancaster & Surrounding Areas
Covering Preston, Lancaster & Surrounding Areas
Covering Preston, Lancaster & Surrounding Areas

Commercial Tarmac Contractors

Firmstone Driveways and Patios offer a range of surfacing solutions throughout Preston, Lancashire. Our services include installation, replacement and maintenance of commercial tarmac surfacing throughout Preston and the surrounding areas such as Cockerham, Grimsargh, Ribbleton, Pleasington, Rawcliffe, Pilling, and Abbey-Village.

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Firmstone Driveways and Patios is an established commercial tarmac contractor, based in Preston. We complete all projects on time and on budget and we work to strict health and safety standards. No tarmac surfacing project is too big or too small for our team. We have a dedicated team and all the specialist machinery, equipment and vehicles required to meet all of your commercial tarmac surfacing requirements. We provide our services to all sectors and previous projects include:


Tarmac is one of the best options for commercial surfacing. There are many reasons why tarmac is such a popular and common choice for outdoor surfaces. It is cost effective over large areas when compared to other materials and it is durable, weather resistant and attractive, your customers will be impressed too! Tarmac can handle heavy traffic for many years and remain in excellent condition, making it perfect for commercial areas.


Tarmac is a popular choice when it comes to surfacing options/methods. Compared to other surfacing options, there are many advantages and benefits which has helped tarmac become one of the most highly used materials for surfacing. Tarmac surfacing, also known as asphalt paving, offers a multitude of advantages, some of which include:

Durability – If it’s being used for a road surfacing option, the main quality the material needs to have is strength and durability. Every day it will need to withstand heavy traffic from all vehicles. It will also be unprotected from all weather conditions from rain and hail, to extreme storms. Tarmac is one of the most durable materials you can choose and it will be able to hold the traffic and withstand the weather. With minimal maintenance, it can last for a number of years, making this a cost-effective surfacing choice.

Skid Resistant and Visibility – Tarmac, compared to other surfacing options, provides traction for vehicles and any other user of the road, such as pedestrians. The skid-resistant surface offers safety and can reduce the risk of accidents occurring. Another safety benefit is the fact it can be coloured to provide high visibility, especially in low-light, it also defines the lanes and where pedestrians are safe to cross etc.

Very Little to No Maintenance – Tarmac is one of the easiest materials to maintain. To keep the surface in good condition, regular cleaning and the occasional, minor repair can keep it looking fresh and brand new for many years. There is no need for heavy maintenance.

Versatile – The many applications and uses for tarmac are endless, it includes roads, driveways, car parks, and playgrounds. It can be easily laid onto a variety of surfaces which can then be shaped to fit any space required. The high versatility of tarmac makes it a fantastic choice for all kinds of surfacing.

Quick Installation – The quick installation of the tarmac makes it a perfect choice for projects that have a tight deadline. With the speed of installation, there is minimal disruption to traffic and other activities.

Cost-Effective – When compared to other surfacing options, tarmac is an extremely cost-effective method as opposed to concrete or paving stones. Alongside this, the material is environmentally friendly due to its ability to be recycled.

If you would like to know more information regarding our services whether domestic or commercial, please don’t hesitate to contact us today! One of our helpful, reliable, and professional team members are more than happy to answer any queries you may have regarding any work you need doing.  


Firmstone Driveways and Patios in Preston carry out maintenance, repairs and renovations to tarmac surfacing. We will survey your tarmac and provide our honest assessment of the condition and any action required. Our services include patch repairs and seal coating. However if your tarmac is badly damaged, worn or dangerous, you may need to consider resurfacing your tarmac.


Our friendly team is available to answer any questions and discuss your commercial tarmac surfacing requirements in and around the Preston & Lancaster Areas.  Just get in touch with our team by phone: 01772 972 673 or 01524 899 442 email: info@firmstonedrivewaysandpatios.co.uk

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